The online shopping scene in Kenya is flourishing. Experts predict the revenue will hit $801.30 million by the end of 2024, with projections painting a picture of relentless expansion. This digital transformation isn’t a fad; it’s a powerhouse expected to grow at a rate of 6.46% until 2029 pushing the market value beyond $1 billion.

This dynamic digital environment isn’t just revolutionizing the landscape. It’s also reshaping Kenya’s economic future, offering abundant opportunities ahead.

The State of Ecommerce Market in Kenya in 2024

Kenya’s vibrant online shopping environment is both dynamic and intricate. It plays a role, in Africa’s e-commerce sector standing alongside players like Nigeria and South Africa.

E-commerce has experienced growth in Kenya among small businesses with ample potential for further expansion. Although traditional retail is not as prevalent as online shopping, it’s gained massive popularity over the years due to the increasing use of shopping apps that cater to all kinds of needs, from food to real estate, indicating a shift towards digital platforms.

In Kenya’s evolving market, cash and mobile money are still top choices for payments despite some hesitancy. Kenyans, familiar with digital tech, are increasingly embracing e-commerce.

#1. Jumia


Jumia, launched in Nigeria in 2012 and expanded to Kenya in 2013, is Africa’s leading online store, attracting over 100,000 daily visitors. It’s popular for offering a wide range of products, from fashion to tech.

Known for pioneering e-commerce in Africa, Jumia has made shopping easier and more accessible, boasting 18 million Facebook followers.

The platform not only provides affordable gadgets and fashion but also offers flexible delivery options and a chance for sellers to reach more customers.

With its commitment to improving online shopping, Jumia plays a significant role in the growth of Kenya’s e-commerce sector.

#2. Kilimall


Kilimall, launched in 2014, is a major online shopping platform in Kenya, boasting almost 1 million Facebook fans. It’s a place for both shopping and selling a wide range of goods and services, from Phones and Computers to Clothing, Shoes, Home Appliances, Books, Healthcare items, Baby Products, and Personal Care products.

Unlike other e-commerce sites, it requires payment before shipping, but has one of the lowest prices possible.

Why Kilimall?

Kilimall consistently expands the mall, increasing the variety, simplicity, and convenience of its offerings.

#3. Jiji


Jiji stands out as a leading online marketplace in Kenya, boasting a robust security framework that allows users to swiftly post advertisements at no cost, facilitating quicker transactions with potential buyers.

This digital classified platform opens up a marketplace for a vast array of items including mobile phones, automobiles, footwear, handbags, furniture, apparel, and much more.

While the platform is predominantly free to use, sellers seeking expedited sales have the option to subscribe to premium services. These services ensure their advertisements gain prominent visibility at the top of the listing pages.

Why Jiji

It is recognized as the largest free online classified platform, boasting an advanced security system. This platform offers a simple, hassle-free solution for users to sell and buy almost anything.

#4. Masoko


Masoko, a Safaricom-backed e-commerce platform, specializes in offering authentic phone devices and internet accessories with a promise of delivery within 3 hours. While their pricing may lean towards the premium side, they are reputed for the durability and longevity of their products. For consumers who prioritize quality over quantity, Masoko is worth considering.

Why Masoko?

They guarantee the quality of their products, ensuring that all items are authentic with a money-back guarantee. Unsatisfactory products can be immediately returned upon delivery for added customer reassurance.

Their commitment to fast and reliable deliveries is underscored by their same-day delivery promise within Nairobi, along with strategically placed pickup points for added convenience. They also offer a personalized shopping experience, allowing customers to pay with Bonga points, M-PESA, or credit cards.

Customers can compare products to facilitate easier purchasing decisions and can avail themselves of digital assistance throughout their shopping experience.

#5. Cheki Motors


Cheki Motors is a leading e-commerce platform for car advertisements, connecting buyers and sellers since 2010. It specializes in offering a diverse selection of cars, vans, and other vehicles, making it a premier choice for automotive trading in Kenya. With its extensive reach, Cheki also enjoys popularity in Nigeria, Ghana, Tanzania, and Uganda, firmly establishing itself as a top online car directory in these regions.

Why Cheki Motors?

Cheki Motors was founded on the principle of making things convenient. They use the power of the internet to make selling or buying vehicles faster and easier.

Their platform is user-friendly and aims to speed up the vehicle search process, making it simple and efficient. With just a few clicks, buyers can quickly compare different listings, which helps them make decisions more easily, facilitating an easier decision-making process.

#6. Gadzone


Gadzone stands out as a premier online marketplace, dedicated to offering the finest selection of high-end gadgets, devices, and accessories, alongside a diverse array of products.

This includes an extensive assortment of items for Home and Living, Health and Beauty, Games and Toys, Fashion, a bookstore, and Car Accessories.

Unique among e-commerce platforms, Gadzone caters to PayPal users, providing the convenience of using this popular payment method. Additionally, Naivas Online Supermarket is part of their offering.

Why Gadzone?

With over 116,000 satisfied clients, they are known for delivering exceptional customer service and offering competitive prices on high-quality products.

They have successfully completed over 219,000 deliveries, ensuring customer protection from the moment of purchase until delivery. Additionally, they provide a safe shopping experience with 100% secure payment options, allowing customers to shop with confidence through the world’s most renowned and secure payment methods.

#7. Carrefour


For those looking to bypass the lengthy lines at the popular Carrefour brick-and-mortar supermarkets, shopping at Carrefour’s online platform offers a convenient alternative.

While you may not find the full range of products available in-store, the online selection is expansive, including general groceries, food items, electronics, TVs, laptops, phones, furniture, and much more. Carrefour provides same-day delivery and round-the-clock customer support online. Additionally, customers have the option to collect their orders at any Carrefour branch they prefer.

A notable advantage of shopping with Carrefour is the frequent promotions available on their website; keeping an eye out for these can lead to significant savings.

#8. Skygarden


Launched in the middle of 2015, Sky Garden has established itself as a Kenyan online marketplace catering to local businesses.

It offers a straightforward platform designed with the basic e-commerce understanding of its customers in mind, ensuring safe and secure payment and shipping options. Merchants interested in offering their products and services are invited to join the platform without facing any registration or monthly charges.

Instead, Sky Garden operates on a commission model, taking an 8% service fee from each transaction. The platform features a diverse range of products, including phones and accessories, electronics, furniture, home appliances, and clothing, among others.

Why Skygarden

Sky Garden is particularly notable for its delivery services, boasting a high rating for its same-day delivery feature, which guarantees that customers can receive their purchases in less than 12 hours.

#9. Naivas


Naivas has emerged as a leading online grocery supermarket in Kenya, offering a seamless shopping experience from the comfort of your home or office. With a vast selection of over 60,000 grocery products available online, Naivas provides an affordable array of items, including Baby Products, Oil & Sauces, Food Cupboard, Fresh Food, and more.

Why Naivas

The platform is noted for its user friendliness, simplifying your shopping process. One of Naivas’s standout features is their promise of 3-hour delivery service across Nairobi, ensuring convenience and efficiency. Additionally, there’s mention of Sky Garden.

#10. Avechi


Initially starting as a brick-and-mortar store before evolving into a bustling online marketplace, what sets this e-commerce platform apart is its extensive collection of smartphones, including brands like OnePlus, Xiaomi, and Cubot. They boast a distinctive inventory of gadgets that are highly competitive in pricing.

With Avechi, there’s no waiting for your preferred phone to be released in Kenya. They provide a variety of shipping solutions including global shipping (with international products arriving within 7-14 days), bulk shipping (for larger items such as cookers, fridges, and furniture delivered in less than 24 hours), and express delivery (for items like TVs and smartphones within 3-4 hours).

Why Avechi?

Their delivery network spans 47 counties beyond Nairobi, extending services to Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda, South Sudan, and Somalia.

#11. MyDawa


MYDAWA, Kenya’s premier online pharmacy, is renowned for its commitment to providing affordable and genuine medication. Established with a foundational philosophy encompassing living well, staying well, and getting well, MYDAWA’s mission is to ensure every Kenyan has access to quality, secure, and cost-effective medicinal and wellness products online.

The pharmacy boasts a dedicated customer care team, including pharm techs and pharmacists ready to assist customers in understanding their prescriptions. These professionals are exceptionally experienced in the pharmaceutical field, guaranteeing customers receive accurate guidance towards their health recovery.

Why MyDawa

In addition to medicinal advice, MYDAWA ensures timely delivery of orders, striving to offer unparalleled customer service. This venture goes beyond mere online medicine sales, positioning itself as a supportive and comforting ally in the customers’ health and wellness journeys.

#12. DialADrink


Dial A Drink Kenya is recognized as the pioneering force behind alcohol delivery services in Kenya, notably within Nairobi and its surrounding areas. Originally starting as a standard over-the-counter liquor store in Nairobi, Dial A Drink Kenya has set a precedent in both drinks and the broader food delivery industry.

Why DialADrink

Its success is largely due to the remarkably quick turnaround time from when a client places an order to the delivery of their requested product. Despite the emergence of new competitors in the market, Dial A Drink continues to be a preferred choice among online shoppers in Kenya.

This preference can be attributed to its competitive pricing, swift dispatch, extensive range of drinks, various convenient payment options, accommodating opening hours, and attractive offers on the most popular beverages.